Elephants Hardly Ever Get Cancer.

Understanding the complex ways such tumor-suppressing genes function in large, long-lived animals isn’t easy. You can breed of dog numerous generations of mice inside a lab, but studying cancer inside a creature that takes 2 yrs to provide birth and lives so long as we carry out require some creative thinking from your researchers. Geneticist Vincent Lynch and his group took an expedient strategy by taking tissues examples from elephants and diminutive family members like the manatee as well as the kitten-sized hyrax, and attacking them with carcinogens that harm cell DNA. The elephant cells simply died; these were completely intolerant of DNA harm in ways their family members’ cells weren’t, says Lynch. As the elephant cells died when their DNA was damaged, there is no threat of them ever getting cancerous.Transferred to individuals, these findings could improve our knowledge of the role performed by fresh neurons within the mature hippocampus in associative learning functions.

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